Thursday, August 30, 2007

Greenview Road and Briar Place Update

As I am sure you noticed, the binder level of asphalt has been placed, completed yesterday. The contractor will be performing parkway restoration and manhole adjustments over the next several days and then the surface level of asphalt will be placed. When we know the schedule for surface placement, we will inform you. When the asphalt work is being done, we recommend that you park on other streets for the day. The contractor will be placing a prime coat (sticky tack) down before paving. This tack can stick to your vehicle wheels and track onto your driveways. Once again, we will send out a notice with further instructions once the date has been set.

REGARDING SPRINKLER SYSTEMS:We have been informed of two places where the sprinkler system was broken (711 Greenview Road and 405 Briar Place). If any other sprinkler systems have been broken due to the construction, please contact Kerry Megraw with your address and number of breaks. You can email her at or call (815) 459-1260. This work will be completed at a later date.

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